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As a premium custom manufacturer BHC understands that exceptional service is just as important as top quality products. Our business model carefully integrates and balances exceptional service with quality products. Our commitment to this business model has resulted in long-term, strong partnerships with our customers, suppliers and employees. We are equally invested to all of our customer accounts, regardless of their size.

Our pride in our business model is demonstrated by our staff in their commitment to providing excellence in service. BHC operates a fully integrated ERP system that supports every aspect of our service from quoting, bill of material / engineering master design, document control, scheduling, complete material planning to accounting. Our quotes are generated from our ERP system and are based on up-to-date data which ensure we can quote accurate delivery dates based on load capacity and material availability. Every aspect of our ERP system is used to the fullest which allows our team to provide up to the minute answers to your questions about your quote or the status of your order. Contact us and learn more about how BHC can be an integral part of your competitive advantage.

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