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Quality & Certifications

BHC provides premium products and services second to none in the industry. Each level of our commitment to total quality is exemplified in every product that is shipped from BHC. Our dedication to quality is both thorough and dynamic.

Inspection and testing

BHC employs a multilayer inspection process:

Automated Testers

BHC has invested in top of the line inspection aids taking human error out of the quality equation. Our automated, programmable Cirrus testers have the ability to test for continuity and isolation without fail. We can adapt any connector to our testers as long as the mating half can be found. We now have over 300 adapters on hand.

Cirris ~ Signature 1000R+
The Signature Series is a versatile harness and backplane tester. It is fully programmable and adaptable. We can test to your requirements and supply you with a printout of the results upon your request.

Cirris ~ Signature 1000H+
Similar to the R+ system, the Hi-Pot Signature H+ tester allows the option of passing up to 1000 Volts across the wire net. Both the duration and voltage is user defined.

Quality TestingTests for:


ISO 9001:2015 Certification

BHC is ISO 9001:2015 registered. Our success with the ISO system is founded in our commitment to its principles. ISO is a functioning entity in our policies and procedures. We have implemented the system to use it to the betterment of our company. This initiative has led BHC to develop monitoring statistics to track key development and improvement opportunities within the company.

CSA CertificationRu Certification

In addition to our ISO 9001 registration, we are also certified by CSA and UL to produce product to to their strict requirements.


Whatever your requirements are, we have the knowledge, tools and systems to produce the highest quality product or service that will exceed your expectations.

We have certified technicians with state of the art equipment to produce and inspect fiber optic cables for your needs.

We are confident in our people and our systems. Come visit us and learn why many companies already partner with BHC to provide them with preimum products and services that meet their unique quality requirements.

BHC Quality & Certifications